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Time To Heal, LLC is a refreshing, innovative approach to sustained wellness for communities, organizations, families and individuals...
"Its Never Too Late To Heal".

“If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”
~ African Proverb 

About Us


A unique approach and philosophy of integrated care that is inclusive of both clinical and lived experienced professionals whose hearts are committed to the healing of communities excluded from healthy social, economic, educational and cultural life.


TIme To Heal LLC offers initiatives focused on impactful community- development, trainings, consulting, coaching for organizations and individual support for self awareness, self care, self esteem and inner peace.


To enhance communities by inserting healing principles that promote wellness for community, families, and individuals.


Transparent Communication, Compassionate Supportive Active Listening, Simplistic Excellence, Team Approach, Strength-Based Leadership, Ownership, Transformational Learning, Community Wealth, Simplistic Integrity,

Commitment to Team and Community, Nurturing Relationships, Faith, Love,
Humor and Fun, Trauma Informed Approach

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Time To Heal exist to provide strategic technical assistance to grassroots organizations desiring to build infrastructure and sustainable organizational leadership and focus.


Time To Heal staff is comprised of seasoned facilitators of wellness, recovery, and sustained healing curriculum. We offer impactful, relatable classes, conversations and gatherings that stimulate desire within individuals who choose lives rooted in healing from life’s traumas.


Time To Heal will support organizations to conceptualize and implement designs, development, and utilization of documented plans to launch core programs to reach targeted people groups. Time To Heal aids organizations to process goal setting, effective cohesive marketing messages while understanding better resource usage and achieving targeted outcomes.


The foundation of Youth Promise is Peer Support. Peer relationships are as vital in youth development, recovery, and wellness as in adult efforts of the same. In socialization, youth are active agents in relational developments on all levels. Youth development and maturation must include self-socialization as much as it includes parental cultural belief systems or societal systemic values and instructions. Youth are strongly influenced by settings they occupy, company they keep and activities they choose to engage through interest.

As our children increase in age, we see their ability to self-select become, keener and developed. Youth are driven by their own preferences and inclinations toward interest that satisfy or intrigue them. Youth begin to fight for choice and control that can be misinterpreted and labeled if interpreted solely according to parental cultural belief systems or wider societal norms.  Added is an increase of abilities to resist outside pressure of socialization while learning the ability to negotiate those socialization agents on their terms. Often their efforts result in punitive consequences and results. Self-socialization becomes increasingly important to youth and is reflected in noncompliance to adult norms but also, importantly, in interaction and relationship development with peers.


Time To Heal offers the highest quality of presentations through trainings and workshops. Connected to our consulting teams, Time To Heal uses workshops and trainings for information sharing, discussions and problem-solving solutions while introducing best practice methods to participants.


Time To Heal offers the highest quality of process of transferring knowledge within an organization. This type of training focuses on developing employees for their current jobs. ... Successful training courses give employees the tools and knowledge to support a company's business objectives


Our Forensic Peer Support Training is a continuing education opportunity for Certified Peer Specialist. 


Time To Heal builds intentional smart collaborations to create networks of individuals and partner organizations that are committed to the improvement and wellness of communities. Time To Heal faces social problems head on for the purpose of improving quality of life for marginalized and stressed communities, especially those entrenched in generational poverty.

Our Founder

Aaron Wells is a highly talented professional whose passion is to contribute his gifts, skills, education and lived experience to strengthen the wellness, recovery, and healing in communities of marginalized people.  For over 20 years Aaron Wells has been adept at building intentional smart collaborations that connect needed resources in partnership for the greater good within communities. Programs and initiatives conceptualized by Aaron Wells have been recognized as best practices and duplicated on many levels.


Aaron Wells has served and worked with at-risk populations in the mental health, substance use, youth, seniors, severe persistent mental illness life arenas. His exposure to diversity, equity, inclusion intertwined with Peer Support has created a record of success efforts impacting targeted communities.  His work has helped people of multiple ethnicities, gender, social economic and educational backgrounds. Aaron Wells has a diverse background in championing for exploited people through a collective and communal perspective.


Aaron Wells is a proven solution focused leader. He processes the ability to concisely interpret, gather, maintain, and disseminate information to achieve objectives and goals toward social investments.  He uses integrity and experience to help foster a positive and effective atmosphere that promotes self-help, system equity and change, and individual advocacy within a recovery model for individuals and communities desiring sustained wellness.

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